Excited Counter-Strike Player Will Not Calm Down

We've all been there once or twice. Sometimes games are exciting. Sometimes we scream. This Counter-Strike player, though, is really into it. Nearly every shot, every bomb plant, and sometimes for no real reason at all. "OH SHIT. HOLY— OH MY GODDDD THAT WAS AMAZING." Screaming, yelling, hollering. He never stops. » 2/24/15 7:47pm Tuesday 7:47pm

How To Make Edible Team Fortress 2 Food And... Drinkable Pee

Team Fortress 2 isn't all guns and people screaming about the extent to which they are or are not on fire. Sometimes there's food, too. But—no, no, stop trying to put your hand through the monitor—you can't eat it. Or, you couldn't. But now you can with these recipes, only one of which is for urine. » 2/23/15 10:13pm Monday 10:13pm

Not Even Gabe Newell Death Threats Can Keep This Game Off Steam

You might remember that roguelike FPS Paranautical Activity was yanked—with a large cane of plus 12 unceremoniousness—from Steam after its developer threatened to kill Valve head Gabe Newell. Now, amazingly, it's back. I imagine it helps that the dev in question is no longer involved. » 2/17/15 8:30pm 2/17/15 8:30pm

Steam Chat's Torrent Blocking Is Entirely Arbitrary

This is curious. Recently Steam users (myself included, after a few tests) discovered that certain torrent links no longer work in Steam chat. Some have even reported messages disappearing altogether. Here's the thing, though: it only applies to some popular torrent sites, but not others like The Pirate Bay. » 2/16/15 7:24pm 2/16/15 7:24pm

Why Some Dota 2 Players Are Mad At Valve Right Now

Last weekend, a special event themed after the Chinese New Year was released for Dota 2. Called "Year Beast," the new mode was so popular, that Dota 2 hit a new record for number of people playing a Steam game at the same time. But the number of players trying to get into the Year Beast proved to be one of the many… » 2/16/15 3:00pm 2/16/15 3:00pm

Steam Greenlight Is Still Broken

In an ideal world, Steam Greenlight would've opened the floodgates on an endless cascade of great games. In reality, it's led to a service stuffed with trash. Game makers scramble to get noticed, sometimes with underhanded tactics. Valve's introduced a new rule to curb this, but it doesn't solve the underlying problem. » 2/10/15 8:42pm 2/10/15 8:42pm

Valve To Counter-Strike Pros: Never Bet On Matches

Recently there have been accusations (some proven) of match-fixing and illicit betting in professional Counter-Strike matches. Valve announced their verdict against the trend, bringing their ban-gavel down on multiple bigtime North American players. Now, they've added some stern advice: pros should stop betting… » 2/06/15 9:25pm 2/06/15 9:25pm

Someone Actually Removed An Unfinished Game From Steam Early Access

Under The Ocean spent more than a year on Steam Early Access, but—despite steady progress and a relatively fun experience—the survival game's creator yanked it from Valve's service. His reasoning? He's not sure if he can deliver on his promises anymore, and he wants to make sure he's not being dishonest with players. » 2/06/15 6:42pm 2/06/15 6:42pm