Why Nintendo Had to Kill the Wii [UPDATE: Wii Not Quite Dead!]

Strange that Nintendo killed the Wii, huh? It just stopped making the console [UPDATE: in Japan, at least]. So sudden! Odder when you consider that the Famicom, released in 1983, was on sale in Japan until 2003. » 10/30/13 7:30am 10/30/13 7:30am

China Is Hacking the US Again

Just three months after hacks by China’s People’s Liberation Army came to an abrupt halt, the country is once again attacking US targets reports the New York Times. » 5/20/13 5:35am 5/20/13 5:35am

Chinese TV Uses Jon Stewart to Criticize the U.S., Misses the Point

In many countries, there's freedom of speech. You can criticize your country's government and leaders on, for example, television. On China's state-run TV, you cannot. Enter Jon Stewart. » 5/08/13 6:00am 5/08/13 6:00am

Man Shocked to Discover "Rather Violent" Gay Manga Sex in His Niece's…

Rule of thumb about Japanese comics: Just because they're drawn, that certainly doesn't mean they are for children (although that doesn't mean they should be banned from public libraries, either.)

According to B-Town Blog, Burien, Washington resident Travis De Nevers' 10 year-old niece recently checked out the second… » 10/17/12 5:30am 10/17/12 5:30am

Why Japanese Developers Should Have Played More PC Games

Gaming's reached a turning point. Western games have more realistic graphics and physics than Japanese games. This isn't good or bad. It's true. » 9/28/11 7:30am 9/28/11 7:30am

Rumor: PS Vita Will Be Out in Japan on November 12

That's according to French site GamAlive. The site also stated that the Vita will be out in the West before March 31. Kotaku is following up. [GamAlive] » 9/05/11 11:30am 9/05/11 11:30am

Nintendo Actually Delivers on European 3DS Video Service

Nintendo's 3D video service for the 3DS goes live in Europe on July 13 joining Japan with region specific content. Meanwhile, there is still no solid release date for America, though it is scheduled for this summer. » 7/11/11 1:00pm 7/11/11 1:00pm

Are China's Days of Cockblocking Console Makers Numbered?

Game consoles are made in China. But they cannot be legally sold in China. Game consoles are banned. This year, Lenovo is launching a game console in China. Funny, that. » 7/06/11 7:30am 7/06/11 7:30am

Gamestop Resurrects Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Trade-In Hopes

It's hard to describe used copies of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D as pre-owned when pre-played seems to fit the game so well. Despite the eternal save file, major U.S. retailers are still accepting Mercenaries trade-ins. » 6/29/11 1:20pm 6/29/11 1:20pm

Video Games are Artistic Enough for Federal Grant Money

For years the National Endowment for the Arts' has been doling out millions of dollars to innovative television and radio projects about the arts or that could be considered works of art. Starting next year, video games are eligible for some of that sweet, sweet federal grant money. » 5/06/11 4:20pm 5/06/11 4:20pm

Green Lanterns, The Illusive Man And The Best Week Of Comics On The…

The selection of video game comics this week is thin, but a couple of major stories launch in the world of super-hero comics, one of the best graphic novelists in the world releases his first book in over a decade, and the iPad gets probably its best release of recent classics ever. This is a good comics week! » 3/23/11 3:00pm 3/23/11 3:00pm

Silver The Hedgehog, Felicia Day, The British Joker And Kratos, All New…

Do you like comics about video games? I sure hope so, because there are a lot of new ones this week, and not many interesting new comics that aren't about games. » 3/16/11 3:00pm 3/16/11 3:00pm

Battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder With A Virtual Suicide Bombing

The Humvee drives down a crowded street in a foreign land. A child waves. Merchants display their wares. Suddenly soldiers raise their rifles as a suicide bomber runs into the street, detonating his lethal package. This is virtual PTSD therapy. » 1/25/11 5:20pm 1/25/11 5:20pm

Your 3DS Guess Is As Good As Mine

We're just a few hours away from a pair of big Nintendo events in the US and Europe, where actual, useful information pertaining to the release of the 3DS will be revealed. To pass the time, then, let's make some predictions. » 1/19/11 5:30am 1/19/11 5:30am

The DS Is The Nation's Best-Selling Game System Of All Time, Sort Of

With more than 47 million Nintendo DS handhelds sold in the United States since the portable's launch in 2004, Nintendo is calling the DS the country's best-selling gaming system of all time. Does it really count? » 1/04/11 11:40am 1/04/11 11:40am

A Man In The Middle Of The West vs Japan Development Divide

We hear a lot from Japanese developers (and Western pundits) about how the Japanese development scene is dead, but what about a Western developer who works for a Japanese publisher? What does he think? » 11/11/10 4:30am 11/11/10 4:30am

The United States Army Is Testing Fallout PIPBoys

You can call the devices the U.S. Army is testing out at Fort Dix in New Jersey wrist mounted phosphorescent OLED Displays is you want. We're calling them PIPBoys. » 10/08/10 3:20pm 10/08/10 3:20pm