In Japan, Thugs Sit Like They're Taking a Crap

In years past, you'd always see them outside convenience stores and in parking lots, coping a squat next to their Subarus and Hondas, smoking cigarettes. They were tough looking. They were thugs. And they'd sit like they're squeezing out turds.

In Japan, there's a style of squatting called "yanki zuwari" (ヤンキー座り) or… »11/20/12 4:30am11/20/12 4:30am

Japan's Amazing Drink Can Sculptures Will Melt Your Mind

Makaon has a hobby. She likes to make sculptures of pop culture characters as well as insects, animals, and more. But she doesn't use clay. She doesn't use stone. Makaon uses cans.

Beer cans, soda cans, cocktail cans, and energy drink cans are her palette, which she uses to create her mind-blowingly wonderful work. »10/08/12 5:30am10/08/12 5:30am

The Wild and Wonderful World of Japanese Scarecrows

Across Japan, it's harvest time. In September, the rice turns a golden hue. The color—my favorite—is koganeiro (黄金色). Scarecrows stand watch over the rice fields. Most scarecrows in Japan are rather pedestrian—what you'd think a scarecrow would and should look like.

Then, there the ones that don't look anything like… »10/04/12 4:30am10/04/12 4:30am