Aaron Hernandez's Appearance in NCAA 14 Will Be Brief, says EA Sports

As much as I wanted to say Aaron Hernandez, the NFL star facing murder charges, is free and unlocked (heh heh)—in NCAA Football 14—that ain't the case. Some are seeing his card pop up if they get a gold medal in one of the events of the game's new Nike Skills Trainer. Here's what's going on, according to EA Sports. »7/08/13 11:30am7/08/13 11:30am

NCAA Football 14 Will Add an Ultimate Team Mode, but How It Will Work is a Mystery [Update]

According to the game's listing at GameStop, NCAA Football 14 is getting an Ultimate Team mode. This is a highly unusual development, given the card-trading game's reliance on real players in titles like FIFA and Madden, and the fact using real college players' names not only is forbidden by the NCAA, but also EA… »4/03/13 10:00am4/03/13 10:00am

EA Sports' Dream Appliance Has Arrived: The Internet-Enabled Fridge

Seven months ago at E3, I sat down with EA Sports' boss, Andrew Wilson, for an annual chat that always features a lot of big-picture spitballing because of where and when it takes place. I forget what question brought this up, but I'm now looking at my notebook from that day and I see the words "Internet-enabled… »1/12/13 5:00pm1/12/13 5:00pm

Madden's New "Draft Duels" Sounds Sort of Like Madden: The Gathering

An update to Madden NFL 13 »11/29/12 6:00pm11/29/12 6:00pm rolling out tomorrow will deliver something called "Draft Duels" to Ultimate Team, the game's hybrid fantasy team/card collecting mode. In it, players will open packs of cards, construct a team from their holdings—and their opponent's—and then duke it out in a standard multiplayer game.

Facing a Season with No NFL, Madden's Ultimate Team Looks to the Legends

In any discussion of the greatest video game athletes, the Michael Vick of Madden NFL 2004 always makes the cut, and is usually the most recent name on the list. In the eight years since his appearance, sports simulations have fine-tuned their realism, closing the era of logic-defying performances by the likes of… »6/22/11 7:30pm6/22/11 7:30pm