It's Not a Real Anime, But The Fandom Around It Is

All that 'officially' exists of this anime is about 30 seconds of young, hunky swimmers. That's it; the anime isn't real. It doesn't even have a name. The clip is a promotional thing for the Kyoto Animation studio, but that hasn't stopped anyone from falling in love with the idea of the anime according to The Daily… »3/11/13 9:30pm3/11/13 9:30pm

Things Get Weird When You Look At Pokémon As An Allegory For Slavery

Unlike the Pokémon games before it, Pokémon Black/White almost explored something interesting: why we catch Pokémon, and whether or not keeping/battling with them is “okay.” But before the games said anything meaningful or deep, they took the easy route and made Team Plasma—the group intent on “liberating” Pokémon… »2/11/13 2:00pm2/11/13 2:00pm

She Only Says Horse_ebooks Nonsense, But They Still Want To Get In Her Pants Anyway

Horse_ebooks, the automated spam Twitter account that promotes e-books by quoting random lines from them, is one of the most famous Twitter accounts out there. Much of the appeal is that despite being complete word salad, it manages to say absurd if not insightful things. But it's not stuff that would get you a… »2/06/13 10:30pm2/06/13 10:30pm