iPhone's Trism Creator Rich, Working on Trismology And Others

CNN has an interesting take on the recent iPhone boom for game developers. They tracked down Steve Demeter, the guy behind mega-hit Trism, to find out that in the first two months alone his game netted him $250,000. Keep in mind that's only 70 percent of the total haul and that he raked that in at $5 a pop. Sheesh,… »11/18/08 5:00pm11/18/08 5:00pm

iPhone Game Development Can Make You A Quarter-Millionaire!

Remember Trism »9/19/08 8:20pm9/19/08 8:20pm? It's the clever triangular puzzler from Steve Demeter of Demiforce, a -style iPhone app that uses the hardware's touchscreen and accelerometer for innovative play. Well, that little five dollar game has made Demiforce a cool $250,000 since its July release; not bad for someone who isn't Sega and comes…