Check Out China's Ridiculous Guidelines For Chinese Travelers

Overtaking obnoxious American tourists as the most annoying tourists in certain parts of the world, Chinese tourists now have a guideline to follow when they travel. Certainly, not all are bad, but sadly, the travel guidelines listed by the Chinese government for its people to travel by are nothing short of ridiculous. » 10/07/13 7:00am 10/07/13 7:00am

Ding! FAA May Roll Back Stupid Restrictions on Electronic Device Use

Good news for the flying, gaming public: The Federal Aviation Administration's bullshit, insulting-to-the-intelligence rules for the use of "approved portable electronic devices" are due to be relaxed, allowing for gate-to-gate use of your iPad, 3DS, Android phone or whatever. This could come as early as September. » 6/23/13 11:00am 6/23/13 11:00am

The Places You've Been Playing Video Games...

Where have you been in the last few years? I don't mean in the real world. I mean in that other world. The one where Skyrim's customs officer checks your bags for juniper berries, or where amidst the rubble of a post-apocalyptic society someone found a working sticker machine. » 10/15/12 8:30am 10/15/12 8:30am

In-Flight Electronics Rules Eased After Two-Day Crackdown

The Associated Press is reporting that increased security measures on international flights inbound to the United States have been eased. The government has not publicly announced any changes, but the AP's report cites unnamed airline officials "familiar with the matter." » 12/28/09 8:00pm 12/28/09 8:00pm

How Will New Rules Affect In-Flight Gaming?

It's not a petty concern. Since Friday's incident en route to Detroit, airlines are ramping up security procedures at the behest of the government, and "approved portable electronic devices" have long been a whipping boy for this sort of thing. » 12/27/09 1:00pm 12/27/09 1:00pm