Here’s How Disney Infinity Is Different from Skylanders

The folks behind Disney's next big move in the gaming space know what you're thinking. They know that you're already comparing Disney Infinity to the Skylanders games. After all, their upcoming title is a video game/collectible toy hybrid where figurines of Disney movie characters come to life and romp around in a… »2/12/13 9:00pm2/12/13 9:00pm

Avengers, Angry Birds and Star Trek Enterprises: Toy Fair 2013, Day 3

Hasbro transforms and rolls out to the beat of its own drummer. The giant company held court at its own preview space during Toy Fair 2013, blocks away from the trade show's epicenter. On display were Star Trek and Transformers-centric updates to the Kreo building blocks, toys tied into this year's Thor: the Dark… »2/12/13 12:30pm2/12/13 12:30pm

Robot George Washington, Dirty Schwarzeneggers and KHAAAAAAN: Toy Fair 2013, Day 2

Scroll ahead. Look at James Tiberius Kirk whuppin' on Khan Noonien Singh. God, isn't that just beautiful? God bless Diamond Distributors for making that thing. Diamond also showed off Tomb Raider minimates, Iron Man and War Machine designs from Iron Man 3. But that Kirk vs. Khan set... it's one of the best things I… »2/11/13 11:30pm2/11/13 11:30pm

Walter White, Wonder Woman and Jon Snow Walk into a Bar: Toy Fair 2013, Day 1

Toy Fair descends onto Manhattan's Jacob Javitz Convention this week, bringing with it loads of plastic you don't care about. But Toy Fair also shines a spotlight on the weirdest, coolest collectibles and playthings that you'll be lusting over for the next twelve months. In these images—taken by Kotaku video editor… »2/11/13 11:00am2/11/13 11:00am