The Toys That Amazed Me

Gaming tends to take over things. We get video games molding movies, video games infesting Facebook. At Toy Fair 2010, I expected to see gaming infecting and influencing toys. I did. But I also saw so many other delightful things. » 2/23/10 1:40pm 2/23/10 1:40pm

Bioshock: The Toys

If people were apprehensive about Bioshock sequels, how about Bioshock statues/toys/figures? For true believers and skeptics, here are some pics and a video I shot at Toy Fair 2010 of NECA's Bioshock line. » 2/17/10 5:40pm 2/17/10 5:40pm

Barbie Doll Destroyer Will Wright Visits Toy Fair, Hints Toy Plans

Will Wright was on a recon mission on Tuesday in New York City. On a snowy day on Manhattan's West Side, one of history's top game developers was at his first Toy Fair, his wheels turning. » 2/17/10 5:00pm 2/17/10 5:00pm

Gears of War: The Toys

NECA, statue/toy-maker for grown-ups is continuing to expand its Gears of War line. At Toy Fair 2010, the company showed its next three figures. Name them all. We've got a priest and a, uh... help me out, Gears fans. » 2/17/10 4:00pm 2/17/10 4:00pm

Final Fantasy XIII, Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts: The Statues

The small Square-Enix booth at Toy Fair 2010 had some fancy Final Fantasy jewelry, the newest versions of upcoming Final Fantasy XIII statues, some tiny Chrono Trigger pieces and some new Kingdom Hearts figures. Sorry, I didn't photograph the jewelry. » 2/17/10 2:00pm 2/17/10 2:00pm

There Were Video Game Bobbleheads In Here Somewhere

Somewhere in the crowd of Funko's Wacky Wobbler bobbleheads (and lamps) at Toy Fair 2010 were familiar gaming faces. Sonic is a prototype. Also new for 2010 are the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars ones. No shaking, please. » 2/17/10 1:40pm 2/17/10 1:40pm

1:6 Scale Iron Man Is Almost As Detailed As 1:1 Scale Iron Man

You know, it's Toy Fair week, people have toys on the brain, so let's run with it. Hong Kong craftspeople Hot Toys weren't able to make it to New York, but they did slip some Iron Man in our inbox. » 2/17/10 8:30am 2/17/10 8:30am

Dante's Inferno & DC Universe Online: The Toys

Here are some new pieces coming out of Toy Fair earlier in the week; the first statues based on Jim Lee's artwork for DC Universe Online, and a rather cranky-looking baby from Dante's Inferno. » 2/17/10 4:30am 2/17/10 4:30am

Twisted Metal & Resistance 2: The Toys

Yup, more toys from Toy Fair, this time in the form of that clown from Twisted Metal who I hate because he reminds me of Insane Clown Posse. Oh, and some of the lovable cast from Resistance 2. » 2/17/10 1:30am 2/17/10 1:30am

These Folks Made A Marshmallow-Firing Bazooka

For five or so years the people at the Marshmallow Fun Company have been making increasingly-sophisticated weaponry that shoots Marshmallows. For 24 hours since Toy Fair, I've been trying to recover from what happened at the end of this video. » 2/16/10 4:00pm 2/16/10 4:00pm

Halo: The Mega Bloks Toys

The Master Chief posing at Toy Fair was made up of about 500,000 Mega Bloks, a representative for the company behind the Lego-like toys told me yesterday. Behind him was Iron Man. Behind that, new Halo Mega Bloks toys. » 2/16/10 2:30pm 2/16/10 2:30pm

At Last, A Keyboard With A LOL Button

The Fast Finger keyboard was made for people, mainly children, who are not yet comfortable with the QWERTY layout of most keyboards. It's also made for people who'd love to use just one button to type TTYL, L8R or BRB. » 2/16/10 10:40am 2/16/10 10:40am

I Have Wielded The Prince Of Persia's Dagger, Toy Version

In addition to showing off some Halo Reach toy prototypes at Toy Fair 2010, McFarlane Toys was showcasing its line of Prince of Persia movie tie-in toys. Included were the expected action figures — and this very special dagger. » 2/15/10 4:00pm 2/15/10 4:00pm

Street Fighter IV: The Toys

In a corner of Toy Fair 2010, Neca had a booth stuffed with gaming figures. One of the line's highlights is the Street Fighter IV series, some released, some upcoming, captured here in video. Click thumbnails to play the clips. » 2/15/10 3:00pm 2/15/10 3:00pm

The $160 Doll Of Lara Croft's Nemesis

The Tonner company makes finely-crafted dolls, including an already-released $125 Lara Croft doll. Next in their Lara line is a doll of Amanda Evert, the sometimes-nemesis in recent Tomb Raider games. » 2/15/10 2:30pm 2/15/10 2:30pm

Halo Reach: The Toys

Straight from the floor of Toy Fair 2010 here in New York City are the first hints of Halo Reach's toy line from the McFarlane Toy company including dummy action figure boxes. Prototype Reach Warthog also included. Expected release: fall. » 2/15/10 1:40pm 2/15/10 1:40pm