How to Set Up Your New iPhone the Right Way


You got a new iPhone! Maybe it's a thumbprint-reading 5S or a pastel rainbow 5C. Either way, what now? Here's what you need to get started with your new iPhone, whether you're a first-timer or an iOS pro. » 9/20/13 11:20am 9/20/13 11:20am

Final Fantasy XIV (2010 Release): The Kotaku Review

On this, the eve of the official launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, let's take a look back at the original release of Square Enix's second Final Fantasy MMO, and reflect on the wrongs the new version is trying to right. » 8/26/13 7:30pm 8/26/13 7:30pm

Nintendo's Efforts To Explain The Wii U Just Took A Turn For The Absurd

It's no secret that Nintendo has had a major problem marketing the Wii U. Most non-gamers (and even some gamers) I speak with have no idea that it even exists. Even Jimmy Fallon couldn't quite figure it out—and he was supposed to be showing it off that night. » 3/24/13 3:00pm 3/24/13 3:00pm

The Cosplay of PAX East, Day Two

Day two of PAX East gave birth to new DuckTales: Remastered details, the announcement of Dust: An Elysian Tail on Steam, a whole slew of XCOM and Civilization news, and more Mass Effect 3 stats than you could ever want to know. » 3/23/13 8:00pm 3/23/13 8:00pm