Can Manufactured Memories Be as Powerful as Experience?

The gateway to the mind, the self, who you are, what you believe in—the most complex structure in the universe, allegedly—is resting on your shoulders. I speak, of course, of the brain, that strange, wondrous organ that has given rise to many of our crown jewels as a species—science, philosophy, dreams. Thought in… »3/09/12 10:00am3/09/12 10:00am

Like Scott Pilgrim Before it, To The Moon Tells a Personal Story in the Language of Video Games

Video games have a language all their own. It's a language that most people understand implicitly—concepts like extra lives, leveling up, experience points, and boss battles have gone mainstream. That language has begun to seep into other media as well—movies like The Matrix, Source Code, and books like those in the … »12/05/11 8:00pm12/05/11 8:00pm