Transformers: The Movie: The Cover Band

Dare to be stupid! The best-looking Transformers theme band, Cybertronic Spree, playing the best/worst song on the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack. Plus, they got themselves a fake Weird Al. » 12/16/13 5:03pm 12/16/13 5:03pm

Tour The Too-Cute-To-Blow-Up Tiny Death Star

NimbleBit, Disney and LucasArts are about to unleash the ultimate weapon on our unsuspecting planet — Tiny Tower, only set on Star Wars' Death Star. Disguising myself as an Australian, I infiltrated the adorable Imperial base, hoping to save my people from destruction. Is there no hope left? » 10/16/13 2:30pm 10/16/13 2:30pm

NatGeo's Brilliant Doomsday Preppers Game is Tiny Tower, Only…

NatGeo's Doomsday Preppers is a documentary series about people preparing for the end of the world, hording supplies, learning survival skills and building elaborate shelters in the hopes that when the big day comes the four horse-persons of the apocalypse might pass them by. In celebration of tomorrow's launch of the… » 11/12/12 1:55pm 11/12/12 1:55pm

A Defense of Video Game Cloning

There have been a lot of stories about game-cloning flying around lately, from Zynga's cloning of Nimblebit's popular iOS game Tiny Tower to Spry Fox's lawsuit against 6waves for cloning Triple Town. » 2/03/12 4:00pm 2/03/12 4:00pm

Zynga's Formerly-Secret Defense Against Copycat Accusations

Last week, while game developers were howling that Zynga—creators of FarmVille—were the makers of a game called Dream Heights that maybe ripped off another hit game, Zynga didn't want to talk about it. » 1/31/12 1:30pm 1/31/12 1:30pm

Tiny Tower Rips Off a Flash Game—and SimTower

Earlier today, the makers of mobile gaming blockbuster Tiny Tower published the kind of open letter loved by video gaming's instantly and constantly angry fuck-the-man constituency, not least because it can be disseminated by imgur. It alleged that Zynga, the popularly despised maker of Facebook McGames, stole Tiny… » 1/25/12 9:30pm 1/25/12 9:30pm

Zynga Totally Rips Off Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower is one of the cutest and most successful iPhone games around. So, naturally, someone is shamelessly ripping it off. Only, the company doing the ripping off isn't some shady Chinese or Russian company. It's social gaming powerhouse Zynga. » 1/24/12 10:30pm 1/24/12 10:30pm

An Argument For Video Games That Don't Waste Our Time

In a very real way, games play us. We may hold the controller, but often it feels as though the games—through their systems, design, and pacing—hold most of the cards. And as game developers cotton to the specific design elements that compel us to play (and keep playing), many of them are reaping financial gains by… » 8/03/11 10:00am 8/03/11 10:00am

The Authoritarian Control of Labor in Tiny Tower

While playing Tiny Tower, do you worry about your Bitizens' happiness, or ignore them in favor of staffing your shops? Blogger Jorge Albor at examines the Marxist implications of doing well in Tiny Towers. » 7/11/11 4:00pm 7/11/11 4:00pm

Study: Bulk of iPhone Game Earnings Come From "Free" Titles

Nearly two-thirds of all revenue generated from the top 100 games in the Apple App store in June came from people spending cash inside "free" games, according to a recent study. » 7/08/11 12:40pm 7/08/11 12:40pm

Kiss Your Life Goodbye With Tiny Tower

On the one hand, Tiny Tower is like so many countless iPhone games before it. Lure you in with a free game, then charge you real money as you tap, tap tap away at a menial and pointless task. » 7/05/11 9:30am 7/05/11 9:30am