NBA Jam's Next Offering Allows You to Switch Players

At its summer showcase today, EA Sports revealed plans for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, touting a "tag mode" that allows you to swap players, finally, and "razzle dazzle" moves that ramp up the over-the-top animations as they head to the basket. Players will feature new AI; the game will feature the old P.A.: Tim Kitzrow… » 7/07/11 8:30pm 7/07/11 8:30pm

Pinball Gave NBA Jam's Announcer His Gaming Start

His bombastic boothman persona in NBA Jam isn't Tim Kitzrow's only gaming credit. The guy also was the voice of Rod Serling in the classic Twilight Zone pinball table. He got his start from his bandmates, who worked for Midway. » 11/19/10 1:00am 11/19/10 1:00am

You Write It, Mr. Boomshakalaka Delivers It

NBA Jam on the 360 and PS3 hit shelves yesterday; today EA Sports is taking a page from the Old Spice YouTube campaign that drew raves. The announcer, Tim Kitzrow, is reading off Twitter-submitted catchphrases. Apparently mine (above) wasn't objectionable. » 11/18/10 6:00pm 11/18/10 6:00pm

NBA Jam's "Mr. Boom-Shakalaka" Calls Some Inappropriate Catch Phrases

Click to viewNBA Jam is known for its zany catch phrases and Tim Kitzrow is best known as the zany announcer delivering them. Asylum got Kitzrow on the phone to deliver seven new lines they wrote. The result is 100 percent fan service.

'NBA Jam' Announcer Tests Jam-isms We'd Like to Hear
[Asylum] » 11/13/10 12:00pm 11/13/10 12:00pm

Fan-Submitted NBA Jam Catchphrases Are Actually Pretty Good

NBA Jam will immortalize four fan-submitted catchphrases in the game when it reboots on the Wii this year. Last night EA Sports put up 64 candidates - all read by original announcer Tim Kitzrow - and many are surprisingly edgy. » 5/24/10 7:20pm 5/24/10 7:20pm