This is Either Art from Bungie's Next Game or Clever Misdirection

Earlier today we showed you the one-hour documentary celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bungie Studios. It ended with a curiosity. » 8/04/11 7:40pm 8/04/11 7:40pm

Here's What You Get—And What You Don't—With EA Sports' New Premium…

What is EA Sports' Season Ticket? It's a $25 VIP pass, good for a year, getting you past the velvet rope to your favorite sports game on a weekend when everyone else is still playing last year's edition. It offers a 20 percent discount on paid downloadable content. » 8/02/11 9:00am 8/02/11 9:00am

EA Sports' 'Season Ticket' Subscription Gets Diehard Fans In the Game…

EA Sports will offer an annual subscription for hardcore sports gamers, which includes a three-day, pre-release full-play preview of five of the label's most popular titles, and a 20 percent discount on their paid downloadable content catalog. EA Sports' "Season Ticket" begins Aug. 27 with Madden NFL 12, and it will… » 8/02/11 8:00am 8/02/11 8:00am

Where Are This Generation's Tiger Handhelds?

Kids today are spoiled with their iPod touches and iPads and PSPs and 3DSes. When I was their age, portable games certainly DID NOT look comparable to their console counterparts. » 4/15/11 5:40pm 4/15/11 5:40pm

Owen's Good Walk Spoiled is Tomorrow at 2

If you want to see me get smoked over the first nine of Augusta National, I'll be facing EA Sports' Justin Patel in a mini tournament being streamed live tomorrow at 2 p.m. EDT. Justin and I will be playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters and discussing the game. You can watch live here; we'll also be embedding… » 3/27/11 1:30pm 3/27/11 1:30pm

'Destiny' The Next Game From Halo Creators, Says Source

Bungie's follow-up to the Halo series is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter, according to a source claiming to have knowledge of the game's development. That sci-fi shooter is currently named Destiny, he says, Bungie's original post-Halo franchise. » 2/17/11 12:45am 2/17/11 12:45am

Super Meat Boy Makes iPhone Into Tiger Handheld

After ranting publicly that the iPhone is "the Tiger handheld game of this generation," Tommy Refenes saw his game removed from the App Store. He's struck back, releasing a Tiger-ized version of Super Meat Boy for a dollar. » 4/04/10 2:00pm 4/04/10 2:00pm

Yes, Tiger Woods Can in Fact Walk on Water

I'm speechless, really, I don't even know what to say. With what might be one of the greatest and most controversial EA Sports viral marketing videos ever, it is indeed true that Tiger Woods can walk on water. About a year ago a YouTube poster uploaded a video of a glitch in Tiger Woods 08. He was able to get Tiger… » 8/21/08 5:00pm 8/21/08 5:00pm