Warner's Not Playing Safe WIth Watchmen

Warner Bros are quite convinced that releasing an episodic downloadable Watchmen tie-in game is not only innovative, but actually rather brave. "We know it’s risky for us, and the safe move would have been to cram out a retail game alongside the film release," Senior VP Samantha Ryan told MCV, "but we didn’t feel that… » 9/26/08 7:20pm 9/26/08 7:20pm

New CSI: NY Game Lets You Play TV Characters

CSI Fans always a seem a little ghoulish to me. Admit it - part of the fun is in the increasingly intricate forms of death and the kind forensic detail that could give George Romero the willies. It's not clear yet how much corpse-rummaging will be involved in the new CSI: NY game from Ubisoft, but what you will » 9/04/08 5:20pm 9/04/08 5:20pm get —…