Worth Reading: When Games Make Us Feel Sad, Disgusted, And Empty

We tend to hyperbolize whatever game comes along and eeks a feeling out of us besides adrenaline because the experiences are few and far between. Journey, The Walking Dead, To The Moon. It's early days for games exploring the emotional spectrum, and I've got two pieces digging deep into this idea from totally… »2/06/15 2:00pm2/06/15 2:00pm

A Bleak Look at Trying to Survive in the Middle of a War

Over the course of a couple of hours with This War of Mine, I'd stolen food and medicine from an elderly couple, hidden behind a door and watched a soldier drag a young woman off with him to be raped, and stood uselessly by whilst one of the people I was supposed to be helping to survive died in her bed because I… »11/05/14 1:00pm11/05/14 1:00pm

​A Video Game About the Sides of War That We Don't See

Call of Duty. Battlefield. Medal of Honor. Many of the biggest-selling series in video game history are all about putting players in the midst of wars that could be happening right outside their windows. But the politics and consequences surrounding these international armed conflicts often get sidelined amongst the… »8/26/14 1:00pm8/26/14 1:00pm

The War Video Game That We Need May Finally Be On Its Way

Video games about war are always about the people with guns or tanks or planes. They're about the people who put on a uniform and fight or the people who order them to do so. They can be interesting, but they're usually a whitewash. At last, someone is making a game about war's victims: regular people just like you. »3/12/14 4:00pm3/12/14 4:00pm