​How A Horror Game Plans on Using the Real World to Scare You

Imaginary locations are great places to stage heart-stopping scream sequences. Nothing like being lost inside the bowels of a giant monster, an abandoned space station or the burning plains of hell for put the fear in you. But you know what else is really scary? The real world. In particular, that abandoned 7-11 off… » 3/25/14 3:00pm 3/25/14 3:00pm

Video Game Horror Has Rarely Looked This Good

The visual formula for delivering scares is pretty tried and true in most video games, movies and other entertainments: dim, obscured environments, weird, unexplained moisture and the use of light as a shock device. But these new screenshots from upcoming thriller The Vanishing of Ethan Carter look idyllic. Like… » 9/19/13 4:00pm 9/19/13 4:00pm

The People Who Made Bulletstorm Are Making A 'Weird Fiction Horror' Game

The high-ranking members who left Bulletstorm studio People Can Fly last August have just announced their first game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The studio—called The Astronauts—was founded by Adrian Chmielarz (former People Can Fly creative director), Andrzej Poznanski and Michal Kosieradzki, and they plan to… » 2/06/13 11:45am 2/06/13 11:45am