EA And Zynga Are Done Suing Each Other Over A Facebook Game

EA and Zynga have been tied up in mutual lawsuits over their Facebook games The Sims Social and The Ville since last year, but All Things Digital is reporting that today both cases were dismissed in California court. The companies issued the statement that "EA and Zynga have resolved their respective claims and have… »2/15/13 2:45pm2/15/13 2:45pm

The Sims Social Halloween Quests Week 2: How to Finish Them Fast

Last week we had Van Helsim and Lady Grey around to help us out in The Sims Social. Unfortunately, this week, we're left to fend for ourselves. And to top it off, we seem to have attracted some unwanted attention. Apparently, Edward Sullen has forged papers claiming he's the heir to the Midnight Grove castle outside… »10/17/12 1:55pm10/17/12 1:55pm

The Sims Facebook Game I Wanted isn't the Sims Facebook Game I'm Getting

I'm not much for Facebook games; I've played FarmVille a bit, but it's never quite gotten its hooks into me. Part of the reason for is that most of my friends don't play either, and so I've never felt the social pressure that contributes to the game's addictiveness. You know: "Dang, David's barn is so sweet. I wish I… »8/09/11 6:00pm8/09/11 6:00pm