Chik-Fil-A Flap Added to 2012 Campaign Game, Iran Attack De-Emphasized

The Political Machine, the PC game that lets you play out the Obama-Romney race for yourself has been updated to keep up with current events (and tweak some gameplay). Now you can make your candidate be for or against Chik-Fi-Let, which presumably means being for or against the fast food chain's opposition to gay… » 8/07/12 4:04pm 8/07/12 4:04pm

Get Inside The Political Machine - For Free

With less than two months to polling day the time is ripe for Stardock to try and push copies of their Presidential Election sim The Political Machine 2008 » 9/17/08 4:20pm 9/17/08 4:20pm - i.e. before the entire nation becomes so heartily sick of the election process that it would sooner set fire to its collective genitals than pay cash money for…