Here’s Your First Look Inside The Glorious Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Collector's Edition

For the last year or so, the Hyrule Historia seemed like a piece of the powerful and legendary TriForce. Fans of Nintendo's mega-popular series knew the Japan-only book existed. But English-speaking Zelda acolytes had to go through out-of-the-way means—like maybe-not-legal scans and fan translations—to get at its… »1/25/13 8:30pm1/25/13 8:30pm

Take a Look at The Legend of Zelda Manga Inside The Hyrule Historia

We've already shown an exclusive sneak peek of the English translation of the Hyrule Historia »12/11/12 3:00pm12/11/12 3:00pm, which is due out next year. Now, gives you a full look at the 35-page manga that's included in the Zelda hardcover. Drawn by Akira Himekawa—the collective nom de plume for artists A. Honda and S. Nagano—the story happens…