Mafia Wars Feels The Sting Of The Green Hornet

Wherever there is crime you'll find the Green Hornet and Kato, and that includes Zynga's popular social mobster game Mafia Wars, where players can unlock one hell of a ride if they play their clicks right. » 1/06/11 1:20pm 1/06/11 1:20pm

The Green Hornet Demands A Kato Combat Video Game

Sony kicked off its 2011 CES keynote with some spectacular fight scene footage from The Green Hornet. If we don't get to play Kato in a video game, something is terribly wrong with the world. » 1/05/11 8:30pm 1/05/11 8:30pm

New Kato-heavy Green Hornet trailer gives us hope

Dare we dream that Michel Gondry's Green Hornet could beat the bad buzz? Today's new trailer and a handful of positive of reviews from a recent test screening might just raise your hopes for this comedic action movie. » 11/19/10 7:54pm 11/19/10 7:54pm

No Green Hornet Game Coming

While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Seth Rogan says that there won't be a video game based on the upcoming Green Hornet flick because the rights were too tied up. » 4/07/09 5:00pm 4/07/09 5:00pm