The Chronicles Of Spellborn Dated For North America

With the European release of the ambitiously different MMORPG The Chronicles of Spellborn just around the corner, Acclaim Games has finally set a date for the North American release. While there isn't yet a specific day, January 2009 is the target for the NA launch of the MMO, with closed beta testing kicking off on… » 11/19/08 11:40am 11/19/08 11:40am

The Chronicles Of Spellborn: A Different Kind Of MMORPG

With the game being in development for so very long, I wasn't sure what to expect when the nice gentlemen from Spellborn NV sat me down to give me a first hand look at their MMORPG The Chronicles of Spellborn. The game was being shown in publisher Frogster's booth, the very same booth where I got my first look at… » 8/25/08 3:40pm 8/25/08 3:40pm