King of the endless runners Temple Run has entered the age of virtual reality. Imangi Studios has officially released Temple Run VR, a new chapter in the running from creepy monkeys saga, for play on the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition. Since I don't have a means to strap a phone to my face, I am spared the… » 12/23/14 10:45am 12/23/14 10:45am

First-Person Temple Run Makes Samsung's VR Headset Terrifying

Announced on the heels of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4-powered VR Gear headset, Temple Run VR takes the popular endless running game and puts it in a terrifying new perspective. » 9/03/14 2:00pm 9/03/14 2:00pm

Waterslides And Santa Claus? It's A Very Temple Run 2 Christmas

As if having to deliver toys to every child in the world over the course of a single night wasn't tough enough, Temple Run 2's largest update yet pits Santa Claus against a giant killer gorilla. That dude cannot catch a break. » 12/10/13 9:04am 12/10/13 9:04am

The Producer Of Gravity Is Trying To Make A Temple Run Movie

You know mobile game Temple Run? Dude runs in a straight line forever, jumping over stuff, sometimes moving sideways. That, people, is enough to get a game a major Hollywood movie deal. » 11/13/13 2:30am 11/13/13 2:30am

Temple Run 2 gets its first-ever guest star today in Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt — the world's fastest man. Being a sprinter, I expect him to fall over and be trampled by the game's evil gorilla after 400 meters. Usain is available as a $.99 in-app purchase. » 8/01/13 8:45am 8/01/13 8:45am

It's Like Temple Run, But with Naked Chinese People and a Sex Doll

Apparently, these photos were recently taken in Beijing. However, it isn't known who this couple is or what the hell is going on. Well, save for the part about running naked in public with an inflatable friend. We got that part. » 4/03/13 4:00am 4/03/13 4:00am

Video Games That Make You Feel Like Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is not the only one solving annoying ancient puzzles in haunted caves, armed with a whip and dynamites, far from civilization. A setting like this is perfect for video games, so it is no surprise that many were influenced by the character, and the similarities in some cases are amazing. » 3/28/13 6:00pm 3/28/13 6:00pm


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Temple Run: Oz

With the release of Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful just days away, the house of the mouse teams up with Imangi Studios once more for another very special version of Temple Run. » 3/05/13 12:05pm 3/05/13 12:05pm

Our Introduction to Edge of Twilight is a Bad Temple Run Knock-Off

I was excited about the revival of Fuzzyeyes' Edge of Twilight steampunk action-adventure property. Then I played Edge of Twilight: Horizon. It's pretty bad. » 2/27/13 6:55pm 2/27/13 6:55pm

This Week's Android Charts: Music of the Cubes Vs. Spheres

Just when you're ready to write off the Android gaming community's good taste, a game like ShockPanda's Cubes Vs. Spheres sneaks onto the charts, reminding us that there are discerning gamers on the platform. » 2/27/13 8:55am 2/27/13 8:55am

This Week's Android Charts: So Excited for a New Game I Don't Care That…

I've been rather hard on Activision's mobile Wipeout game in the past, largely because it's based on a silly television obstacle course show and not my beloved series of PlayStation hovercar racing games. Today I'm just so happy to see a new game in the Android paid charts that I don't care. C'mere Wipeout, you big… » 2/21/13 10:55am 2/21/13 10:55am

This Week's Android Charts: Google Play Could Really Use a 'New…

Oh look, it's Minecraft Pocket Edition at the top of the Android paid game charts, recovered from last week' brief bout of Ruzzle fever. There's not a single new game on the Android top paid charts, just the usual suspects shuffling about. Mosquitoes are starting to breed in it. » 2/13/13 10:55am 2/13/13 10:55am

This Week's Android Charts: A Touching Story About Zombies

Another week, another 20 Android apps vying for attention on the top paid and free charts. All the usual suspects are present and accounted for—19 games that have been poking about the rankings for weeks, months and even years. There's only one fresh face here, though technically it's been rotting for ages. » 2/06/13 8:55am 2/06/13 8:55am

Can You Spot the Error in This Temple Run 2 Menu?

Osbervant reader Jon has been playing Temple Run 2 on his Android device since it launched last week and didn't notice the error on this menu screen until last night. I didn't notice it until he pointed it out, so he wins. » 1/30/13 4:55pm 1/30/13 4:55pm

This Week's Android Charts: A Temple Run Triple Play

It's all Temple Run, all the time in this week's Android charts, as the launch of the smash-hit sequel brings all three games in the franchise into the spotlight. I wonder if Imangi Studios' other games ever get jealous. » 1/30/13 8:55am 1/30/13 8:55am

Three Developer Tips for Temple Run 2 Success

Now that Stephen Totilo has painstakingly researched the best way to control Temple Run 2 (now available on Android), it's time to get down to business. You know how to jump, dodge and slide, but do you know how to truly excel? The fine folks at Imangi Studios have shared three tips for racking up a score you'll be… » 1/24/13 10:55am 1/24/13 10:55am

The World's Most Popular Endless Runner Returns to Show the Clones How…

The success of Temple Run, a simple 3D endless runner created by the husband and wife team of Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, has been nothing short of astounding. Since its 2011 release the game has grown into a casual gaming phenomenon, as definitive a mobile entertainment experience as Angry Birds or more … » 1/17/13 1:45am 1/17/13 1:45am

You Can Finally Stop Playing Temple Run. Temple Run 2 Is Coming Out.

In 2011 the husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova released a simple little 3D endless runner that took the world by storm. Temple Run has been downloaded more than 170 million times since its launch. We called it the modern-day Pitfall. Looks like it's time for the modern-day Pitfall 2Temple Run » 1/16/13 8:20am 1/16/13 8:20am