Tearaway Makes Half-Life...Cute?

Rise and shine Mr. Freeman! Your Tearaway remake probably wouldn't survive City 17, but at least it's cute! Tearaway's character editing tool comes in handy if you want to remake yourself or any video game character, which is of course always irresistible. » 11/27/13 2:30pm 11/27/13 2:30pm

Tearaway Is Not LittleBigPapercraft but It's a Great Love Letter to…

Long before LittleBigPlanet became a household name among gamers, no one knew exactly what to make of Sackboy and his burlap buddies. In fact, you needn't look further than its earliest previews to discover the only thing anyone could really agree on is that is was as adorable as it was ambiguous. Tearaway, developer… » 2/05/13 8:30pm 2/05/13 8:30pm