Find Tricks and Treats This Weekend in Madden, NHL's Ultimate Teams

A two-day-only sale, currently into its second hour, offers a super card pack in NHL 13 » 10/26/12 6:30pm 10/26/12 6:30pm's Ultimate Team mode, comprising 32 cards in all, 18 of which are guaranteed rare items. I don't think you get any actual ethereal players, as shown in that trailer above, nor any enormous Zdeno Chara. He's already large enough.

Watch as Indie Game: The Movie Moves Fez's Phil Fish to Tears

It's taken a long time for Fez to get finished. It's taken a long time for Indie Game: The Movie to get finished, too. So, when filmmakers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky showed the documentary to gamemaker Phil Fish—who, along with Braid creator Jonathan Blow and the two-man Team Meat, is one of the indie… » 11/28/11 4:40pm 11/28/11 4:40pm