The Problem Of Games Being Art, But Also Products

Tale of Tales, who most recently released the excellent Sunset—but who were also behind games like The Path and The Endless Forest—have decided to stop making and releasing commercial (in the most literal sense, as in available for sale) video games, announcing the news with an honest and confronting blog post that… »6/21/15 7:30pm6/21/15 7:30pm

A Game About War With No Guns (Because You're The Housekeeper)

Forget Call of Duty—it seems like the era of unique, fascinating games about war is underway. Case-in-point: Sunset, an exploration game that puts you in the role of a nosy housekeeper. As the housekeeper, you look after an apartment belonging to someone involved in the war that has broken out around you. »6/17/14 8:30pm6/17/14 8:30pm