Backbreaker Sequel Gets Europe-Only PS3 Release

Backbreaker: Vengeance, the minigame sequel to the more popular elements of last year's Backbreaker, will release on Xbox Live on June 29, but won't be coming to PlayStation 3 outside of Europe. » 6/22/11 11:00pm 6/22/11 11:00pm

Backbreaker Studio Hits the Ice With Icebreaker for the iPhone

First spied in development seven months ago, Icebreaker will arrive on the iTunes App Store next week as a hockey-style complement to Backbreaker, the football title whose "Tackle Alley" minigame saw tremendous success as an iPhone port. » 5/25/11 11:20pm 5/25/11 11:20pm

Backbreaker 2's Vengeance Is A Dish Served Hot

Backbreaker's addictive Tackle Alley minigame put you on the field as a ballcarrier juking and spinning his way through 100-yard touchdown runs. Backbreaker 2: Vengeance puts you in the game on defense, blasting those showboats out of the water. » 12/16/10 7:20pm 12/16/10 7:20pm

Backbreaker Sequel Headed To iPhone Soon

Backbreaker's iPhone version - a port of the popular "Tackle Alley" minigame from the console title - flips the script in a sequel that tasks players with stopping the computer runner. New moves and "super showboating" will also be featured. » 11/18/10 9:30pm 11/18/10 9:30pm

Only a Few Have Left Tackle Alley 'Alive'

You're a halfback, not a soldier, but it doesn't feel right to call these "turns," "tries," "chances," or "men." No, these are "lives" at stake in Backbreaker's Tackle Alley, where 99.12 percent of its players have ended up "dead." » 7/11/10 1:00pm 7/11/10 1:00pm