Is SXSW's Real Life Mario Kart As Amazing As You'd Imagined?

Everyone who's played Mario Kart secretly wants it to be real. Sure, flinging turtle shells and banana peels at other cars will probably get you arrested, and while I once did go karting after eating some shrooms, I can't say it helped my speed. So I was exited to try real-life Mario Kart at SXSW. Here's what it's… » 3/10/14 1:57pm 3/10/14 1:57pm

They Have Real-Life Mario Kart In Austin For SXSW And It Looks Amazing

You think you're too cool for South By Southwest, the annual tech and music conference that takes over Austin, Texas for two weeks? Then I have four words for you: Real Life Mario Kart. Nothing could possibly be better than that. » 3/07/14 8:59pm 3/07/14 8:59pm

Here is a Video Game You Can Play Against Your Cat

We all love playing games with our cats. Dangling yarn in front of them, throwing balls their way, terrorizing them with a laser pointer—it isn't fun unless our feline friends are spazzing out and chasing something around the room. But unless you count the time (or times) your cat jumped onto your lap mid-deathmatch,… » 3/12/12 2:00pm 3/12/12 2:00pm