Here are the 64 Players Vying for the Madden 13 Cover—I Think

In past years I've used the Saturday before the Super Bowl to handicap the field for the next cover of Madden NFL. Since the last time I did that, EA Sports put the honors up to a fan-voted, 32-player tournament in 2011, and on Thursday announced it was doubling that field to 64 for 2012. » 2/04/12 5:00pm 2/04/12 5:00pm

NFL 2K5 Says New England Wins a Super Bowl Shootout

Earlier this week, the official Madden NFL 12 simulation of Super Bowl XLVI took both the underdog and the under for the first time in the past nine years, calling the New York Giants as 27-24 winners over the New England Patriots. A simulation run on dearly departed Madden nemesis NFL 2K5 returned the opposite… » 2/03/12 9:30pm 2/03/12 9:30pm