Our Never-Ending Battle Against Cheaters

A couple of days ago, after reading Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo's Pay to Win article, I expressed my disappointment to him and to Kotaku on their choice to advertise and promote cheat sites. Totilo felt that talking about the details about the cheat sites were meant to be as sourcing for the article, not advertising,… »6/22/12 11:30am6/22/12 11:30am

Looks Like Super Mario Land 3 is Next Up on the 3DS Virtual Console

GoNintendo dug up a current Australian rating for Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, pointing to it as an upcoming release for the Game Boy Virtual Console on the Nintendo 3DS. Remember, early adopters "ambassadors," you get 10 VC titles for free in addition to the 10 free NES classics you downloaded at the beginning of… »9/28/11 10:00pm9/28/11 10:00pm