Wreckateer: The Kotaku Review

This review of Wreckateer is a little late because last week, I was also under siege from large stones, some of them burning. They were just in my kidneys. While Wreckateer may be more enjoyable than a trip to the urologist, it still involves its own degree of waiting and uncertainty, and likewise requires you to… » 8/02/12 4:40pm 8/02/12 4:40pm

It's Hot Out. Perhaps You Should Stay Inside for the Summer of Arcade,…

The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade promotion has become a bona fide hot weather event in gaming. For the fifth summer running, Microsoft will be releasing and promoting promising download-only titles via Xbox Live Arcade. This year, the Summer of Arcade starts on July 18 and runs until mid-August. What's on deck, when's… » 6/19/12 1:30pm 6/19/12 1:30pm

Dominate the World by Shooting at Everything in Hybrid

The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade will be upon us soon, and one of the games coming with it is Hybrid, a multiplayer shooter from 5th Cell. » 6/08/12 2:00pm 6/08/12 2:00pm

This is Your 2011 Summer of Arcade Lineup

Every year Microsoft selects a handful of Xbox Live Arcade games it considers the very best the platform has to offer and releases them once a week as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion. With Ubisoft's From Dust and Fuelcell's Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet making the cut this time around, we're in for one hell… » 6/06/11 4:10pm 6/06/11 4:10pm

Monday Night Combat Review: The Happy Warriors

Turrets. I can't stop building and upgrading them in Monday Night Combat. Oh, they do a great job mowing down bots and other players. But it's really because I'm a Southern boy and a born sucker for Pitgirl's saucy accent. » 8/13/10 6:20pm 8/13/10 6:20pm

Monday Night Combat Provides Athletic Support

As just mentioned in TWiG, Monday Night Combat arrives on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. This developer's diary gives a 14-minute look at gameplay, all of it under the Support class, who brings plenty of neat toys to the game. » 8/08/10 6:30pm 8/08/10 6:30pm

Monday Night Combat: The Game So Nice They Certified It Twice

Insiders noted that Monday Night Combat had yet to send out review codes, giving rise to bad-news theories about the game's release. All that's going on, says Uber Entertainment, is some post-release support pre-release. » 8/08/10 2:00pm 8/08/10 2:00pm

Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review: I'm On A Boat & It's Going Fast

It's a summer ritual: Insert coin, stomp on the accelerator and hold on for dear life. A reboot of the much loved arcade original and Dreamcast speedboat racer, Hydro Thunder Hurricane brings that template to Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade. » 7/29/10 5:20pm 7/29/10 5:20pm

The Assassin's Green in Monday Night Combat

Continuing the tour of class warfare in Monday Night Combat, Uber Entertainment today introduced us to the Assassin, the fastest character type in the upcoming class-based shooter for Xbox Live Arcade, packing both cloak and dagger. » 7/28/10 7:20pm 7/28/10 7:20pm

Get Blitzed with Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat, the class-based shooter coming soon from Uber Entertainment, is one of the "Summer of Arcade" titles releasing over five weeks beginning in July. Here is the game's E3 trailer and some new screens detailing its Blitz mode. » 6/19/10 6:30pm 6/19/10 6:30pm

The Rising Price Of XBLA Games

The average price of Xbox Live Arcade games on the Xbox 360 has risen by a $1.74 since the Xbox 360 launched in November of 2005, according to Kotaku's study of prices for more than 200 XBLA games. » 7/22/09 4:00pm 7/22/09 4:00pm

TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-make Knocked Back By 'Splosion Man

Here's the bad news: the Xbox Live Arcade remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time has been pushed back, now no longer the first entry in Microsoft's "Summer of Arcade" promotion. Now the good. » 7/10/09 6:40pm 7/10/09 6:40pm

Summer Of Arcade Massive Success

So Microsoft's Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade promotion has come and gone, a five-week blitz of the best that Xbox Live Arcade has to offer, all part of a commitment made by the company at E3 to shift their focus more towards quality rather than quantity. According to a media alert issued today by Microsoft, the push was… » 9/26/08 1:20pm 9/26/08 1:20pm

XBLA's Summer Plans - From Geometry Wars 2 To Castle Crashers

It might be the end of July, but over at Xbox Live Arcade the summer is just starting! This week sees the official kick off of the Summer of Arcade, five weeks of blockbuster Xbox Live Arcade releases to help ease us into the traditional fall gaming explosion. They'll be kicking things off with Geometry Wars: Retro… » 7/28/08 12:40pm 7/28/08 12:40pm