In '84 Epyx Sent Copy Of Summer Games To Soviets, Who Only Played Atari

Thirty years ago, we didn't have fancy PS4s to drool over. No, we had to type in things like "LOAD"*",8,1 to play games, and those games were real. One of the best, of course, was Epyx's Summer Games, which let you take part in such Olympic competitions as swimming, diving, sprinting, and gymnastics as a… » 11/15/13 4:47pm 11/15/13 4:47pm

Summer Video Game Movie: Summer Games

As we get in a summer gaming mood here, we're spending part of the week watching clips of the most summer-styled games. How about an 80's movie? Here's Epyx's 1984 hit, Summer Games for the Commodore 64. » 7/21/10 3:20pm 7/21/10 3:20pm

Mario, Wario Games Headline Nintendo's Summer Line-Up - Rhythm Tengoku…

Nintendo of America took June off. Today we've learned they're taking July off too. But in August the publisher will once again release new Wii and DS games from sea to shining sea. » 6/25/08 11:00am 6/25/08 11:00am