Steve Jobs Spotted in the Back of a Truck. In China. [Update]

Late fall, Steve Jobs sadly moved on from this world. He's gone and missed. Yet, a photo of Jobs in the back of a truck is now making the internet rounds in China. Could this be the information age's equivalent of Elvis sightings?

The photo was apparently taken on September 26 in the city of Xi'an. A figure that… » 10/02/12 4:00am 10/02/12 4:00am

From Steve Jobs’ Death to the Prime Minister's Q&A, Sakura Bloom in…

Last night on Japanese television, Prime Minister Noda appeared in a Q&A. To his side sat a young participant in black glasses. This young man's appearance, while certainly not striking, looked familiar to one Japanese net user, who quickly uploaded a photo showing the same man with a mic to his face.

Impressed with… » 4/24/12 4:01am 4/24/12 4:01am

How Atari Sent Steve Jobs On a Spiritual Quest to India

At his talk at GDC Online in Austin, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell talked about a wide variety of things, among which was Apple founder Steve Jobs, who he hired back in 1974. (For a complete story, see this great article at Gamasutra. "I gave Steve Jobs his first job," Bushnell said, "That's an interesting resume line." » 10/10/11 11:40am 10/10/11 11:40am

Video Game Creatives and Giants Offer Brief, Somber Tribute to Steve…

News of the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs spread quickly today via Twitter, with video game developers, designers and executives mourning the loss of the software and hardware visionary. They offered brief, somber reactions to Jobs' passing showing the breadth of his influence and impact. » 10/05/11 8:30pm 10/05/11 8:30pm

From a Bit Player to a Mobile Force, Apple's Gaming Legacy Under Steve…

Popularly regarded as a distant runner-up to the Windows PC, Apple nonetheless played key and even dominant roles in shaping the history of video games over the past 35 years, emerging from an utterly marginalized brand in home computer gaming to a force almost unilaterally shaping the course of mobile gaming today. » 10/05/11 8:00pm 10/05/11 8:00pm