Watch Us Play Brothers, A Game Where You Try To Save Your Father

So far, Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons isn't a particularly challenging game, yet it demands more of my attention than most games by asking me to control two characters at the same time. The presentation is excellent, and I love watching all the different animations when the two brothers interact with people in the… »7/30/13 7:15pm7/30/13 7:15pm

In This Lovely Fairy Tale Game, Your Right Thumb Is Your Little Brother

I've been waiting to see more of the world of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The downloadable game looks so different than most of the games that Starbreeze has put out and seems to be an eye-catching mix of exploration and co-operative puzzle-solving. The twist, though, is that you'll need to co-operate with… »3/08/13 1:30pm3/08/13 1:30pm

The Next Game from the Makers of The Chronicles of Riddick Looks Like a Beautiful Fairy Tale

You know Starbreeze. They've made sturdy, sometimes spectacular shooters like The Darkness, the Chronicles of Riddick games and this year's Syndicate. Usually, when the Swedish dev studio announces a new game, you usually expect highly stylized sci-fi violence and clever, satisfying gunplay. Their newest game doesn't… »9/27/12 2:30pm9/27/12 2:30pm

Akuma’s a Goth-Punk Gun-Toting Woman in This Co-Op Trailer for Syndicate

The latest glimpse at EA's corporate warfare shooter introduces the characters you'll be playing as, and teases a few more multiplayer details, too. It says that nine missions from the original Syndicate will be available to play in the upcoming reboot, so that might comfort those who pine away for the 1993 version.… »1/03/12 11:00pm1/03/12 11:00pm

The Syndicate Reboot Is Real, First Details & Screens Leak Out of EA

The forever-rumored reboot of EA's Syndicate franchise, originally created by the defunct Bullfrog Productions in 1993, is real. First gameplay details and a handful of screen shots have just allegedly leaked from Electronic Arts' Origin store, giving us our first glimpse at developer Starbreeze's new game. »9/10/11 9:30pm9/10/11 9:30pm