Our Weird Video Game Summer Has a No-Strike Madden, a Kooky Catherine, …

Blockbuster video games rarely released during the summer. But scale is no measure of quality; and while not all are of AAA-proportions, we'll demonstrate that this summer's schedule could include some of the strangest and boldest titles of the year. » 6/24/11 11:00am 6/24/11 11:00am

Shigeru Miyamoto Wants to Unite Inverted and Un-Inverted Gamers

During the same Nintendo developer roundtable where we were given a Tanooki suit history lesson, Nintendo godfather Shigeru Miyamoto discussed the new control scheme for Star Fox 64: 3D, and how the they may have provided the solution for a long-standing source of stress for him. » 6/16/11 2:00pm 6/16/11 2:00pm

Nintendo's Favorite and Least Favorite Screenshots

Nintendo has a habit of being especially uptight about the press' use of imagery from E3. Nintendo sent a message along with the screenshots they distributed at the show, stating that the enclosed images were "prioritized", and that magazines and blogs like ourselves should try to use the higher rated images if you had… » 6/15/11 3:20pm 6/15/11 3:20pm

Star Fox 64 3DS Remake is 'Newly-Arranged' and Motion-Controlled

Star Fox 64 was one of the Nintendo 64's best video games. It was a fantastic on-rails shooter, it introduced rumble to Nintendo console gaming and it gave the world one of the best pieces of advice ever delivered by software: "Do a barrel roll." » 4/26/11 11:00am 4/26/11 11:00am