Sports Champions 2 Should Help Knock the Dust Off Those Move Controllers

There goes Sony again, blowing its massive announcements the week before E3. Sports Champions 2 is coming this fall, new that no doubt have several PlayStation 3 owners wondering where they put that Move controller. to celebrate, Sony rolls out a non-traditional gamer glamour reel. » 5/31/12 9:00am 5/31/12 9:00am

There's More Waggle Here Than One Man Can Handle

On the left of your screen, Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move. On the right, Dance Central for Kinect. And in the middle? One man trying to play both games at the same time. » 11/19/10 3:30am 11/19/10 3:30am

Who Wants To Play Disc Golf With Death?

A trio of sinister skeletal figures joins the cast of Sony's PlayStation Move sports game this week, as the Haunted Pack brings the undead back to Sports Champions. » 10/04/10 12:20pm 10/04/10 12:20pm

So Many Outfit Changes, So Many Cartoon Freeze-Frames

What makes this promotional video isn't the Sports Champions gameplay. Rather, it's the sheer number of outfits worn in it. I lost count. No, really, I did. » 9/08/10 9:00am 9/08/10 9:00am

Move Sports Champions Review: A Cut, A Spike, A Toss Above the Rest

Sports Champions is bound to be the most owned Playstation Move game when the motion-detecting peripheral hits the Playstation 3 on Sept. 19. » 9/01/10 3:20am 9/01/10 3:20am

PlayStation Move Bundled Up, In Pictures

Are you ready to invest in motion control for your PlayStation 3? Sony has laid out your options for hopping onto the PlayStation Move bandwagon, three ways to make your PS3 Move-ready when the control scheme launches in September. » 7/14/10 3:40pm 7/14/10 3:40pm

Two Surprise PlayStation Move Maneuvers

We've been trying to notice every little thing about the PlayStation Move this week. Each detail is telling. Here are two surprise Move maneuvers I witnessed during demos of Move this past week at Game Developers Conference. » 3/13/10 10:30pm 3/13/10 10:30pm

Swords and Paddles: Sports Champions on PlayStation Move

Here's video of two of the six games available in Sports Champions for the PlayStation Move, a table tennis game and a gladiator competition. » 3/10/10 9:40pm 3/10/10 9:40pm

Hands-On With Playstation Move's Wii Sports Resort

Among the titles for the PS3's Move motion controller being shown off at the Game Developers Conference today is Sports Champions, a very familiar sounding casual sports title. » 3/10/10 9:04pm 3/10/10 9:04pm