The Day a Sporting Legend Became an Unwitting Sonic the Hedgehog Icon

In the pouring rain on April 11, 1993, Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna raced into history with one of the greatest performances of his career. In treacherous conditions, he held off a spirited challenge from arch-rival Alain Prost to take a famous victory, one of the last he would savour before his tragic… »12/23/11 3:00am12/23/11 3:00am

Football Manager Live Will Have Kick-about By Xmas, Full Launch Next Year

Sports Interactive is planning a 'soft launch' of its online multiplayer twist on soccer management sim Football Manager 2009, with massively multiplayer footy to kick off properly early in 2009. The Live edition will essentially be a football MMO, with multiple servers hosting different sets of competing teams.… »10/09/08 8:30pm10/09/08 8:30pm

360 To Sponsor Football Team, Did Not Get Dreamcast Memo

The Seattle Sounders will be joining the the MLS next year. Means they need a big-time sponsor. Lucky Microsoft were just up the road, then, because it's been announced that the team's sponsor for next season will be...the Xbox 360. As such, the team will have "Xbox 360 Live" splashed across the front of their kit,… »5/28/08 10:20pm5/28/08 10:20pm