A Space Giraffe Meets Its Maker

Space Giraffe creator and Llamasoft founder Jeff Minter poses with what we can only assume is some sort of space giraffe at the 2010 R3play retro gaming show in England over the weekend, as seen on Gemz_photography's Flickr stream. » 11/08/10 4:20pm 11/08/10 4:20pm

If Llamasoft Made Music Videos, They'd Look Like This

That's because this is a music video as directed by Llamasoft, creators of tripped out, gamer-bewildering titles like Tempest 2000 and Space Giraffe. The song? Electronic musician Tiga's "Mind Dimension." » 3/12/09 9:40pm 3/12/09 9:40pm

"More Vanilla" Space Giraffe Headed For PC

Llamasoft's Space Giraffe » 11/18/08 5:20pm 11/18/08 5:20pm is, shall we say, one of the more critically divisive Xbox LIVE titles. Its brand of rock-hard psychedelic blasting and crazed art direction splitting gamers into love and hate camps more effectively than Marmite sushi. When the title hits the PC, though, Llamasoft developer Giles (Ivan…

Braid Priced High To Prevent "The Space Giraffe Problem"

When the pricing was announced ( both » 8/05/08 10:40pm 8/05/08 10:40pm ) for Xbox Live Arcade puzzle-platformer Braid, the vocally frugal gamer crowd bemoaned the higher than average cost. Too bad, really, as it's one of the best XBLA titles I've ever played. Still, there are folks who can't get past the 1200 MS Points pricing — that makes it one of…

On 'Authorial Intent,' Game Designers, and Gamers

It's been a while since the Space Giraffe kerfluffle where Yak Minter threw a hissy fit in his blog regarding poor scores given to the XBLA psychedelic shooter (and the point where it was compared to Joyce's Ulysses, but I came across an interesting piece recently that talked about Space Giraffe in reference to (wait… » 6/29/08 1:30pm 6/29/08 1:30pm