Here's an oil painting of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, based on this well-known piece of official concept art, done by artist Raman Singh. Look below for the HD pics, and check out Singh's portfolio for more, albeit non-gaming-themed, paintings in this style (I particularly like his portraits). » 3/09/15 8:30am 3/09/15 8:30am

Smash Bros. Creator Wants You To Stop Mocking Namco

Earlier today, Nintendo revealed » 6/22/12 7:20am 6/22/12 7:20am that it wouldn't be developing the next Smash Bros. game. While creator Masahiro Sakurai is helming the game, his studio isn't taking the development lead on the title. .

Don't Hold Your Breath for a Kid Icarus: Uprising Sequel

Because, you'll pass out. While you might be keen to play another Kid Icarus: Uprising » 5/10/12 7:15am 5/10/12 7:15am, game designer Masahiro Sakurai isn't keen to make one.

Want To Peek Inside Smash Bros. Creator's New Office?

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced it was joining forces with Smash Bros. designer Masahiro Sakurai's Sora Ltd. to found a new company, Project Sora. » 7/14/09 6:00am 7/14/09 6:00am

Sure Square Enix Cares, And Here's The Card To Prove It

While certain guest writers might want to try and prove differently, Square Enix is full of people who care, as evidenced by this lovely Kingdom Hearts greeting card. » 12/22/08 12:20pm 12/22/08 12:20pm