Sonic Delayed in Japan "to Improve Quality"; Still on Schedule for US

Siliconera reports that the Japan version of Sonic Unleashed — titled Sonic World Adventure — will be delayed until Spring 2009. It was originally scheduled for a Dec. 18 release date. Sega is using the time to improve Sonic World Adventure, but Sonic Unleashed is still on target for its North American dates (PS2, Wii… » 11/10/08 4:00pm 11/10/08 4:00pm

Sonic Unleashed: Half Classic, Half Stretchy Werewolf

Oooo, so very close. I sat in on a presentation of Sonic Unleashed at the Sega booth today, and things look pretty much as I feared when I first heard about the game. On one hand you have the daylight gameplay, which features Sonic racing across levels inspired by real-world locations such as Greece and China,… » 7/17/08 8:40pm 7/17/08 8:40pm

This Sonic Unleashed Trailer Makes Us Wonder...

Why do the civil engineers in the Sonic universe feel the need to construct boost pads, spring loaded bumpers and twisting rails that connect to nothing? They're everywhere! And who's putting those gold rings all over the place? I realize we're discussing a game in which a giant blue hedgehog who wears shoes… » 6/27/08 9:00pm 6/27/08 9:00pm