How The Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Are Changing Multiplayer Games

What does being a next-gen game or hardware mean, exactly? While the answer is kind of murky—in some ways, the coming generation doesn't feel like a huge departure from our current generation of hardware —one of the places we can see concrete changes is when it comes to multiplayer games. » 10/21/13 6:00pm 10/21/13 6:00pm

Nintendo's Not Worried About SmartGlass, Because You Only Have Two Hands

While E3 was occupying everyone's attention last week, Nintendo held an analyst event for their investors. During the Q&A, one meeting participant honed in on something many of us have been wondering since Microsoft unveiled their SmartGlass, and posed the question: "Are you worried about SmartGlass? How does… » 6/13/12 9:00pm 6/13/12 9:00pm

Xbox Smart Glass Lets You Control Your Xbox With Your iPhone

Microsoft demonstrated their Xbox Smart Glass tech today at E3, linking consumers' smartphones and tablets to their Xbox games and media. Not only does Smart Glass manage video playback across devices and add extra content to video, but it also makes your currently existing touch device into, essentially, a remote… » 6/04/12 1:49pm 6/04/12 1:49pm