We Can Thank Skrillex For Far Cry 3's Best Musical Moment

There's a mission in Far Cry 3 » 12/13/12 9:00pm 12/13/12 9:00pm that… well, it's kind of "That Mission." Every time someone new plays the game, I see them on Twitter or wherever, raving about the pot-burning mission.

Zelda Gets The Skrillex Treatment, And It's Surprisingly Great

Yeah, I know. Skrillex game channels The Legend of Zelda. Seems like it might be bad, or at least, haphazard. But as it turns out, Skrillex Quest, a new browser game, is really pretty cool. It comes as something less of a surprise considering that it comes from Jason Oda, the same guy who brought us that amazing … » 11/28/12 10:00pm 11/28/12 10:00pm

That Time The Slenderman Turned Up In A Skrillex Video

Slenderman, that terrifying faceless ghoul in a suit, has been around for a good long while before that stripped-down, scary video game » 8/09/12 8:30pm 8/09/12 8:30pm hopped into the public eye. He's a going back years, and he's turned up everywhere from the to.. well, to a Skrillex video from last year.