Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Review: #1 With A Bullet

Nintendo fires a shot at the hardcore Wii owner with Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, a new shooter from the shooting game masters at Treasure. It's brutally difficult and a sequel to a relatively obscure Nintendo 64 game, a Wii library anomaly. » 6/28/10 11:40pm 6/28/10 11:40pm

Are You As Good At Gaming As This Person?

Due out this Sunday, shoot-em-up Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is a bullet-filled video game that paints a tapestry of enemies and damage for you to weave your way through. » 6/25/10 10:00am 6/25/10 10:00am

Don't Use The Word 'Shmup' Around The Creators Of Ikaruga And Sin &…

Because, believe it or not, the people who designed some of the world's best scrolling shoot 'em ups, including Ikaruga, Gradius V and Radiant Silvergun, claim to have never seen the abbreviated term "shmup" used to describe their games before. » 6/24/10 5:40pm 6/24/10 5:40pm

Metroid: Other M Moves To August, Sin & Punishment Slides As Well

Fans looking forward to the June release of Metroid: Other can now start looking forward to its August release, as Nintendo delays the Team Ninja developed title along with Treasure's Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. » 4/23/10 2:55pm 4/23/10 2:55pm

Sin & Punishment 2, Picross 3D Finally Dated For North America

Nintendo has made today's Nintendo Summit in San Francisco the most exciting event of the day, dating two titles that have been TBA for far too long: Sin & Punishment 2 for the Wii and Picross 3D for Nintendo DS. » 2/24/10 12:40pm 2/24/10 12:40pm