PS Vita's Silent Hill: Book of Memories is Delayed

Silent Hill's debut on the PlayStation Vita—Silent Hill: Book of Memories— will not hit its March 27 release date. Amazon and Gamefly both have given the game a May 31 placeholder date, and Konami confirmed the delay to RipTen. » 3/25/12 4:00pm 3/25/12 4:00pm

Silent Hill Will Fog Up All of March With Three New Games

You won't be able to escape the scariest town in all of video games in a few short weeks. Konami's outed the release dates for the upcoming portable, remake and console iterations of their horror franchise and they're all within a few weeks of each other. » 1/13/12 11:30am 1/13/12 11:30am

The Multiplayer Silent Hill for PlayStation Vita Defies Your…

They're making a portable Silent Hill game for Sony's Vita (you know...Sony's next handheld... the PSP2, the NGP). And it's a multiplayer game. » 6/08/11 9:00pm 6/08/11 9:00pm

Silent Hill Also Getting HD Collection; NGP Silent Hill Announced

At its pre-E3 event today, Konami revealed that Silent Hill 2 and 3 also would be getting the HD collection treatment, and a new entry in the series is being built for Sony's NGP handheld. » 6/02/11 8:38pm 6/02/11 8:38pm