Try Total War: Shogun 2 Before You Buy

See if The Creative Assembly's return to Japan is as good as it looks on February 22, when a demo of Total War: Shogun 2 hits Steam, well in advance of the game's March 15 release date. » 2/15/11 11:18am 2/15/11 11:18am

Get Your Fill Of Shogun 2: Total War

Sega and the Creative Assembly's sharp-looking Shogun 2: Total War—or Total War: Shogun 2, depending on who you ask—will get a limited edition release next year, but today it gets a beefy video preview of deep tactical gameplay. » 12/16/10 4:40pm 12/16/10 4:40pm

Shogun 2: Total War Returns To Japan In March

The bow monks have notched their arrows, the boats have been launched, and the footmen are stirring nervously in anticipation of the newly-revealed March release date for Sega's Shogun 2: Total War. » 11/11/10 1:20pm 11/11/10 1:20pm

The Story Behind Shogun 2: Total War

With so much focus put on the technical prowess of The Creative Assembly's Shogun 2: Total War, it's easy to overlook the game's story, steeped in rich Japanese history. » 11/04/10 4:20pm 11/04/10 4:20pm

Checking out Shogun 2: Total War's Flexible AI in Action

In this video The Creative Assembly's Land Battle Programmer Ingimar Gudmunsson and Studio Communications Manager Kieran Brigden talk us through a night battle in Shogun 2: Total War. » 9/02/10 1:40pm 9/02/10 1:40pm

Shogun 2: Total War Really Looks This Good?

The Creative Assembly knows how to make Japanese real-time strategy very attractive, going by this new Shogun 2: Total War cinematic trailer that was "captured in-game." Based on Shogun 2's gorgeous artwork and screens, it shouldn't be that surprising. [GameTrailers] » 7/28/10 11:30pm 7/28/10 11:30pm

While You're Waiting On The Space War, Here's The Shogun War

While you're waiting for your chance to play some sci-fi real-time strategy, why not browse through some lovely screens and concept art from Shogun 2: Total War, visiting a simpler time, when war didn't involve zergling rushes. » 7/26/10 3:20pm 7/26/10 3:20pm

Shogun 2 Total War: The Difference A Decade Makes

Artists from The Creative Assembly have spent more than a year learning ancient Japanese ink brush and wood block techniques, just to create transition art for Shogun 2: Total War. Imagine the work going into the actual game. » 6/19/10 12:30am 6/19/10 12:30am

New Total War Coming, Has A Taste For The Orient

Deciding that E3 was simply too far away to wait, Creative Assembly today took the wraps off the latest game in the Total War series: Shogun 2: Total War. Or, going by this video, Okami: Total War. » 6/03/10 12:00am 6/03/10 12:00am

Total War Ditches Gunpowder, Returns To Japan?

Sega has been teasing the release of an all-new Total War game for the last week or so, with a full reveal set for E3. Looks like their cover may have been blown by some sloppy pre-show organisation, however. » 5/28/10 5:30am 5/28/10 5:30am