New Shaun White Snowboarding Trailer Talks Open Worlds

There's one thing that's really appealing about Shaun White Snowboarding and that is the second you pick it up and pop it in the disc tray, you'll have the whole place open to yourself. That's right, go nuts because the developers over at Ubisoft Montreal are claiming that there's more than twenty square kilometers… »11/06/08 7:40pm11/06/08 7:40pm

Shaun White Snowboarding Wii Screens Take You On A Road Trip

These screens from the Balance Board compatible Nintendo Wii version of Shaun White Snowboarding (that's SWS: Road Trip) show off a few of the characters and locations to be found on Shaun's virtual 'cold places only' trek around the globe. Among the cold places pictured are Chile, Switzerland, Aspen and (I assume -… »10/31/08 6:20pm10/31/08 6:20pm

Target's Special Edition Shaun White Snowboarding Pimps Target

Target has long been a sponsor of snowboarder Shaun White, so it only makes sense that the retailer get a very special edition of his upcoming snowboarding title just for them. Much more than a normal SE, Target's Shaun White Snowboarding contains new characters, exclusive scenes, and an entire mountain dedicated to… »10/08/08 1:00pm10/08/08 1:00pm