Gears of War Creator Says Japanese Games Should Be More Social

In an interesting interview published by Gamasutra on Friday, Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski gave some advice to Japanese developers: add more multiplayer. » 5/14/12 11:00am 5/14/12 11:00am

The Best Game Music of 2011: Readers' Choice

We've already recognized a whole bunch of the best game soundtracks of 2011. But of course, there are only so many hours in the day—only so much time to play games, and one can only write about so many game soundtracks. » 12/30/11 8:00pm 12/30/11 8:00pm

Just Because You Know Him, Doesn't Mean Japan Does

The press room on the last day of the Tokyo Game Show was dead. I spent the afternoon in there, finishing up some stories and just when I was leaving, I spotted a slick Mercedes Benz. I stopped, pulled out my camera and got ready to snap off a quick photo to send to my car crazy son. » 9/20/11 2:00am 9/20/11 2:00am

Buy a Shadows of the Damned CD, Get an Autograph

Grasshopper Manufacuture's Akira Yamaoka, who cut his teeth on Silent Hill, is one of gaming's most famous composers-slash-games developers. You can get his autograph. His music, too. » 9/02/11 12:00pm 9/02/11 12:00pm

Shadows of the Damned Director Leaves Studio

Massimo Guarini, who directed Shadows of the Damned, left developer Grasshopper Manufacture to start his own studio, Ovosonico. Previously, he directed Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. So far, Shadows of the Damned hasn't sold well. [GameSpot] » 7/20/11 7:40am 7/20/11 7:40am

Spoiler Alert: Let's Talk About the Ending of Shadows of the Damned

It's finally time. Welcome to the last Kotaku Game Club discussion of Shadows of the Damned. Today we're talking about Act 5, the game's ending and our final thoughts. » 7/14/11 4:00pm 7/14/11 4:00pm

Come Talk About the End of Shadows of the Damned Tomorrow!

We're talking about Shadows of the Damned for the last time tomorrow. Come to Kotaku at 4pm eastern to discuss the game's ending. Also, I want to know to what game you guys think we should talk about next! » 7/13/11 4:20pm 7/13/11 4:20pm

We're Talking About Act 4 of Shadows of the Damned. Right Now.

It's that time again, folks. Welcome back to the Kotaku Game Club. Today we're going to discuss Act 4 of Shadows of the Damned. » 7/07/11 4:00pm 7/07/11 4:00pm

Reminder: The Game Club Meets Tomorrow at 4pm Eastern!

Just a reminder for everyone who's been playing Shadows of the Damned with the Game Club. We're meeting up to talk about Act 4 at 4pm Eastern on Kotaku! See you tomorrow. » 7/06/11 5:40pm 7/06/11 5:40pm

We're Talking About Acts 1 and 2 of Shadows of the Damned Right Here

Ok everybody, it's finally time. Lets talk about Shadows of the Damned. Today we're going discuss acts One and Two (Sorry about the short notice on that.) Anyways, we're all here now. I'm just going to throw out a few questions, which will hopefully serve as a jumping off point for you if you didn't have an idea you… » 6/24/11 4:00pm 6/24/11 4:00pm

Game Club Announcement: We're meeting up on Kotaku at 4pm EST

Hey Game Club, so I almost forgot to mention when we we're supposed to meet for our first discussion! Please come to the Game Club post at 4pm Eastern to discuss acts 1 & 2 of Shadows of the Damned. » 6/23/11 7:20pm 6/23/11 7:20pm

The First Sublime Seven Minutes of Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned is a visually rich, quirky, imaginative game about a guy and his demon out to avenge the death of his sweetheart. It's also about 10 hours of not-even-slightly subtle dick jokes. » 6/23/11 10:00am 6/23/11 10:00am

Change of Plans, Game Club!

Hey Game Club! It turns out that act 1 of Shadows of the Damned is way too short to discuss on its own, so please play both Acts 1 and 2 for friday's discussion. Sorry for the confusion! » 6/22/11 8:45pm 6/22/11 8:45pm

Welcome to the Game Club: Shadows of the Damned a.k.a. the Five-Week…

Howdy everyone! Welcome to the next installment of the Kotaku Game Club! Starting this week, through the month of July, we're going to play Shadows of the Damned, the third-person shooter from Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami, and the crazy man behind No More Heroes, Suda 51. As with previous game club… » 6/20/11 2:30pm 6/20/11 2:30pm

Game Club is Back! We're Playing Shadows of the Damned.

Kotaku is bringing back the Game Club next month! We'll be playing next week's Shadows of the Damned. If you're planning on playing it, stay tuned and we'll let you know when we're going to start playing and how! » 6/16/11 4:20pm 6/16/11 4:20pm

Enlarge Your Johnson with Shadows of the Damned

In Grasshopper Manufacture's Shadows of the Damned, hero Garcia Hotspur has a demonic pal named Johnson that can transform into various weapons, tools, and even vehicles. Why? So they could release an 'Enlarge your Johnson' video. » 5/19/11 12:20pm 5/19/11 12:20pm