League Of Legends Is Buffing The Master-Troll Champion Teemo...Again

Teemo, nicknamed “Satan,” is such a famously infuriating champion to go against in League of Legends that many players (myself included) recoiled in terror upon hearing that he was getting buffed late this summer. But apparently his changes weren’t enough, because today Riot came back with even more. »10/13/15 5:35pm10/13/15 5:35pm


​The 7 Most Affable Versions Of Satan Ever

Sometimes, the Devil gets a bad rap. Oh, sure, not all of the time — a lot of the time he's evil incarnate — but sometimes he's just a nice guy with a job to do, a job that just happens to be damning people's souls. Here are seven portrayals of the Prince of Darkness that prove being damned doesn't make you a dick. »10/27/14 1:39pm10/27/14 1:39pm