Sam's Club Wii, DS Bundles To Brighten Up Your (Daughter's) Black Friday

Sam's Club are offering two Nintendo hardware bundles for Black Friday. One you've seen »11/25/08 11:40pm11/25/08 11:40pm (), and offers a Wii plus the , the other, you haven't, and offers you a DS and a bunch of girly crap.Here's the Wii deal. $425 gets you a Wii, two games (Mario Super Sluggers and King of Clubs), two extra Wii Remotes and three…


Sam's Club Will Swap RRoD'd 360s, Refund Difference if Necessary

Keep this in mind if you're console-shopping on Black Friday. Via Consumerist comes word that Sam's Club, dealt with courteously and calmly, replaced a red-ring-of-death Xbox 360 with a working unit, let the poor guy keep his hard drive so he didn't lose his games and gamesaves, and, since all they had were cheaper… »11/22/08 1:00pm11/22/08 1:00pm

Sam's Club Black Friday Wii Bundle Was Obviously Too Good To Be True

You didn't really think you were getting a Wii, three Wii Remotes, three Nunchuks, Wii Sports »11/14/08 5:40pm11/14/08 5:40pm, , and for USD did you? Oh. You did? Well, shit. Sorry about that, because that mindbogglingly good deal from Sam's Club as part of a Black Friday deal sure isn't happening. Guess we should've paid heed to the that "the…

Sam's Club Selling Wii For $224 (With 3 Controllers + 3 Nunchuks + 2 Games)

Now »11/11/08 11:40pm11/11/08 11:40pm we're getting into the good stuff. Sam's Club's' Black Friday catalogue just hit these here internets. It's got . Wii Fit for $79 is...OK, if that's your kind of thing, but you may find their "Nintendo Wii Family Bundle" a little more appealing. For $224 you get a Wii. With two bonus Wii Remotes. And two bonus…

Sam's Club Prints Your New Madden Favre Cover While You Wait

Those of you planning to pick up your copy of Madden NFL 09 at your local Sam's Club may be in for a bit more value than the usual discounted prices. An official for the warehouse store dropped us a line this morning to let us know that Sam's Club locations with photo centers will print out a high-quality version of… »8/12/08 1:40pm8/12/08 1:40pm