Scott Pilgrim Actor Talks World of Warcraft Movie

Director Sam Raimi might only be in the nascent stages of the World of Warcraft movie, but that hasn't stopped folks from expressing interest in the film. Even Brandon Routh, who's appearing in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie, seems keen. » 8/05/10 3:00am 8/05/10 3:00am

Sam Raimi Says World of Warcraft Would Make "Brilliant Movie"

After years (no, decades » 10/20/08 7:00am 10/20/08 7:00am) of trying but failing, Hollywood finally got comic book movies right. Video games haven't fared as well. Director Sam Raimi is responsible for the silver screen version of and offers this insight as to why video games movies, well, suck: Hrm, if only Sam Raimi a talented directed able to…